13/2 – The Artisan, Artifact and Digital Repli(can’t)

Week 6 - The Artisan and Artefact Thursday 13th February

As it turned out we spoke today both about the artifact and the digital artifact - they really went hand in hand. You can find below a short summation of today's lecture as well as some links for further reading. We very much considered the importance of the artifact within the digital age - something which has lead in fact to a surge of interest in items with provenance and often scarcity. Kevin Kelly - Better than Free Nathan Jurgenson - The IRL Fetish Ian Ruhter - Silver and Light Presentation questions found here We also had time to think a little about the main brief for #picbod which can be found linked here. The last feedback session for weekly tasks looked at the ‘Empowered Portrait’ from last week. An artifact clinic completes the day - in this, students and staff together explored various ideas for project artifacts, considered potential problems and aimed for an artifact that supports concept and is not a gimmick.


Note: This is the where you will find the #picbod 2014 schedule, directed study items and lecture notes etc. The exciting stuff happens over at the Google+ community where work, ideas and comments are shared with the entire #picbod community.

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