16/1 – The Tribe

Week 2 - The Tribe Thursday 16th January

Today saw the attending students introduced and reintroduced to both the Hasselblad Flextight scanner and and large format Toyo camera. While it is likely not a camera many have lying about, the introductory video is included below for your pleasure... Alongside these workshops we spent time reading the work produced as a result of the ‘Self-portrait’ task set last week. The standard of work was incredibly high, and for the most part, readings made by the audience concurred with the author's intentions. Feedback to this work has also been happening throughout the week via the online community so make sure to check out the G+ community to see these responses and share your own. The day concluded with a lecture/seminar looking at what Nan Goldin calls her ‘Tribe’ - the people we surround ourselves with and feel a part of - family, friends and partners. We looked at a variety of work from the likes of... Sally Mann Elinor Carucci Mike Brodie Nan Goldin Larry Sultan Latoya Ruby Frazier Filipe Casaca Larry Clark Nobuyoshi Araki Ross Rawlings We explored a few themes... Making art close to home - Sally Mann Unrelenting documentation as a tool to desensitized subjects to our camera Performance or record in relation to the work of Sally Mann, Elinor Carucci and Latoya Ruby Frazier I then set this weeks task: ‘The View from Inside’ - TASK AVAILABLE HERE And also asked the class to look at Jennifer Pattison's work in preparation for next week - get your questions up on the G+ Community if you are not able to be there yourself. Note: This is the where you will find the #picbod 2014 schedule, directed study items and lecture notes etc. The exciting stuff happens over at the Google+ community where work, ideas and comments are shared with the entire #picbod community. Notes, links, audio and the like will be posted before the weekend
©Nan Goldin
©Nan Goldin

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