23/1 – Nude and Naked

Week 3 - Nude and Naked Thursday 23rd January 

Notes, links, audio and the like will be posted before the weekend We were joined in class today by Jennifer Pattison! Jennifer talked very openly about her practice and how she encounters the body with her lens. Prior to Jennifer’s talk I introduced the week’s task in the form of ‘Nude and Naked’ and provided some notes to aid our exploration of the Nude/Naked binary, what it can mean for us and it’s history in photography. NOTES HERE TASK HERE Some additional thoughts you might want to listen to as you approach this week's 'Nude and Naked' task can be found in a video here. There was a technical workshop with darkroom guru Jon Legge and a feedback session on last week’s ‘The View from Inside’ task; again, make sure to check out the G+ community to see these responses and share your own. Note: This is the where you will find the #picbod 2014 schedule, directed study items and lecture notes etc. The exciting stuff happens over at the Google+ community where work, ideas and comments are shared with the entire #picbod community.
Jennifer Pattison
Jennifer Pattison

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