6/2 – Empowerment

Week 5 - Empowerment Thursday 6th February

Back by popular demand - Anthony Luvera joined us in class today speaking about his work with the homeless, enabling individuals to make empowered portraits and control their own representation. As well as speaking about his 2 year residency in Belfast, Anthony introduced us to his new work.  
  The class also delved into the archive to hear Pete Brook speak about self representation in the US prison system... Feedback on last week’s ‘Negotiation’ task was in the capable hands of Luvera and Chantal Riekel this week, a session I was gutted to miss! The day was wrapped up in the setting of the last weekly task which is in the shape of ‘The Empowered Portrait’. After this task, you are able to invest further time responding to the main assignment. TASK HERE Note: This is the where you will find the #picbod 2014 schedule, directed study items and lecture notes etc. The exciting stuff happens over at the Google+ community where work, ideas and comments are shared with the entire #picbod community. luvera006

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