9/1 – Intro and Representation

Week 1 - Introduction and Representation Thursday 9th January

I kicked off the module with an introduction to #picbod 2014, it’s speakers, task format and main assignment. - MAIN ASSIGNMENT We were then really lucky to be joined by Dr Adrienne Evans who spoke about the representation of the body, both as an outward choice, and returned representation via the media. She touched on recent and relateable examples of debates around sexuality, objectification and empowerment including Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines'. - CONDENSED AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE (In class we had a number of short tasks, these have been removed for easier listening) There was time for students in class to speak to graduates of #picbod 2013 and to think about how they might like to push things even further in the form of a module ending exhibition or via another medium. We explored natural light as an aid in making intimate images in a workshop which twins with a drawing class. The drawing class in fact focused on looking rather than drawing and the relationship between subject and artists, something w all need to be acutely aware of during this class. - WORKSHOP TASKS
Sketch by Letong Kang
  Things were drawn together at the end of the day with a seminar setting this week’s task - ‘The Self Portrait’. - TASK AVAILABLE HERE Bonus: This week’s bonus conversation in relation to the self-portrait is with photographer Ross Rawlings: Photographer Ross Rawlings 'in conversation' for #picbod from CU Photography on Vimeo. Note: This is the where you will find the #picbod 2014 schedule, directed study items and lecture notes etc. The exciting stuff happens over at the Google+ community where work, ideas and comments are shared with the entire #picbod community.

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      Of course yes, we will get started tomorrow – head on over to the picbod community page in Google+ and watch this site for updates

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    I couldn’t find any information about the class, are all the lessons on the internet or do you gather all together somewhere?


      1. Steve – yes you can take part AND you can do so at a distance – we will be putting notes etc up on this website as they go live and you can head to the Google+ community to discuss things with other people

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