Conversations; Records and Stimuli

Today we concentrated on a conversation I had with Ben Krewinkel, co-author of 'A Possible Life; Conversations with Gaulbert', a documentary about identity, memory and documentation of an undocumented person. 'Gaulbert', an illegal immigrant who resided in Amsterdam was both subject and collaborator leading to a wonderfully rich, sometimes tense and consistently powerful body of work.

The talk is split into 4 sections: 00:01 … on conversation, trust and organisation 12:12 … on the ongoing conversation 19:42 … on the authorial conversations 27:42 … on documentation and reading

And the task is here...

15/01/2015: Conversations; record and stimuli

For the most part, photographs are born from conversations (if they are not conversations themselves); internal or external, with strangers and with close friends. Conversations can be seen as peaks of life or reifications of thought…

In this workshop task you are asked to first record a conversation with a stranger - this may be done through images, written text, audio - transcription etc. You should then use this record as a starting point for a small series of 3 - 7 images.

Work from…

Steve Pyke Laia Abril (Epilogue) Peter Miller (Vermont People) Pierre Bessard (Chattanooga, the Green factory) Shaun Usher (Letters of Note) Leonie Hampton (In the Shadow of Things)

May help form ideas or provide questions


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