The Body; Forms Functions and Interactions

We inhabit bodies and in turn they inhabit our various environs. The way in which we choose and are encouraged to use our bodies to interact with the world is worthy of scrutinisation…

In this workshop task you are asked to photographically consider how you are corporeally connected and/or disconnected with the spaces you conduct your life in. You may wish to examine the structure of the body and how it is distorted to serve certain roles or you may think about the time and locations in which the body shapes the environments it has found itself occupying.

Have a look at the work of the following artists for assistance or critique…

Bertil Nillson Anna Fox (41 Hewitt Road) Jenny Saville Orlan Kevin Miyazaki (Camp Home) Katherine Wolkoff (Deer Beds) Laura Hynd (Lady Into Hut)

FEATURED IMAGE - huw williams

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