Light Darkness Flash Shadow Shade Direct Painting Bold Dramatic

Lecture identifying the origin of Chiascuro in Renaissance painting, its application by painters such as Caravaggio and re-appropriation throughout the ages. Stylisticly bold and dramatic it was used heavily by painters commissioned by the Catholic Church, the harsh contrast fulfils the sense of drama, the threat of protestant church but also signifies the darkness that we live in and the light of God. The lecture explores the re-appropriation of the style in photography but also broader references to painting and the use of light in photography.


Weekly Task

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Your task is to experiment and develop your initial ideas of your project with consideration of lighting.

You should demonstrate control of lighting by making 2 portraits of the same person but with obviously different aesthetic outcomes. At least one of the images must be achieved through the use of flash lighting.


Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Gregory Crewdson, Bill Henson, Maurice Scheltens, Juan Sanchez Cotan, David LaChappelle, Picasso, Damian Blottiere, Daniel Gordon, Lua Ribeira, Max Pinckers, Jenny Saville, Taryn Simon, Thomas Ruff, Axel Hutte, The Dusseldorf School, Stefan Ruiz, Piero della Francesca, Terry Richardson, Juergen Teller, Ren Hang, Weegee, Annie Leibovitz, Caspar David Friedrich, Stuart Whipps, Nadav Kander, Piero Martinello, Richard Avedon, Nick Knight, Albert Watson, Vivian Sassen, Rob Hornstra