Performance Embody Self Portraiture Selfie Identity Phototherapy Stereotype Role play

We have discussed self-portraiture in the context of gender, politics, constructing identity, challenging stereotypes and as photo-therapy.

We looked at primary artists who have influenced contemporary thinking about self portraiture and some contemporary practitioners who build on these ideas. We discussed the intentionality of the work and discussed the appropriateness of self portraiture.



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Building on the class discussions your task is to make your own self portrait. This brief can be interpreted as broadly as you like. Consider what point you would like to make and how best to perform that role. Experimentation is encouraged. What medium are you going to use? Colour, Black and White? What format are you going to use? What presentation may support the portrait? Do you need to make more than one image? Whose image is it? How did you negotiate the story with the participant? What are you trying to reveal in the image?


Juno Calyso (2015) Honeymoon Suit

Claude Cahun (1912-1932) Self Portraits

Catherin Opie (1993/4) Self Portraits

Jo Spence (1979) Beyond the Family Album

Jo Spence (1981-82) Remodelling Photo History

Jo Spence (1982-1986) The Picture of Health

Frida Kahlo (1944) The Broken Column

Sam Taylor-Wood (2001) Self Portrait in a Single Breasted Suit with Hare

Elina Brotherus (2009-14) The Annunciation

Cindy Sherman (1977-80) Film Stills & (2008) Society Portraits #Untitled

Gillian Wearing (2003) Album

Hans Eijkelboom (1970’s) Family Portraits

Trish Morrissey (2001-04) Family Portraits

Nicki S Lee (1997-2001) Projects

Samuel Fosso (1970’s) Self Portraits

Shadi Ghadirian (2008-09) Self Portraits

Amalia Ulman: (2014) Excellences and perfections

Tracy Emin (1998) My Bed

Tim Soter (2001) Self-Portrait

Ben Eldin (2016) Self Portrait

Grayson Perry (2015) Who do we think we are?


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  . The Honeymoon Suite from Juno Calypso on Vimeo.