Identity; constructed and complex

We got through a lot today, starting with a lecture/seminar-type thing that explored identity as something which is both extremely complex and often constructed for the benefit of authorities/social groups etc. I have uploaded some of the slides in PDF form here... Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 17.06.27 And the task is here - 

08/01/2015: Identity; constructed and complex

We think of our identity as personal yet so much of it may well be constructed for the benefit of others (individuals, organisations and cultural hegemony)…

In this workshop task you are asked to create a mechanical* montage of yourself and one of a close friend or relative. This montage should seek to be all that a passport photograph is not - something which tells us of the complexities of identity rather than attempt to provide neatly packaged information for digestion.

*Mechanical montages are made with paper and glue rather than with digital software - allowing a less linear manner of working to take place. Scan the montages afterwards to share online.

Any size, shape, style you like - experiment with the inclusion of your own work (Steacy) and the use of words (Scott/Goldberg). These can be as aesthetically neat or messy as you see fit - perhaps some inspiration can be taken from the likes of…

Jim Goldberg Jo Metson Scott (The Grey Line) Hanna Hoch Kurt Schwitters Grayson Perry (Who Are You?) Will Steacy (Down These Mean Streets)

And see here a roundup of the day's activities from Jonny Bark and Stephen Ma


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