Mediated Intimacies

We were joined today by guest lecturer Dr Adrienne Evans, Principal Lecturer and convener on MA Media Communications at Coventry University who gave a lecture on mediated intimacies. She discussed gender representation and media intimacies, focusing on privacy, sexism and consent in a digital age. Listen to the audio recording of this session and check out the suggested supportive reading to add context to the lecture. Key words to think about: Gender – Representation – Visibility – Networked Intimacies The audio for the lecture can be found here:   This weeks task - 'A Dialogue with a Stranger'  Post on G+ community page by May 5 for peer to peer feedback
In preparation for next week’s session Visualising the ‘Other’, you are asked to record a dialogue with a stranger. This task needs to be practice-based but can be any lens-based media or an audio piece. It needs to represent and/or respond to the dialogue with the stranger. Experimentation is encouraged. What medium are you going to use? Colour, Black and White? What format are you going to use? What presentation may support the portrait? Do you need to make more than one image? How did you negotiate the story with the participant?
Suggested reading prior to next week's session:  Evans, A. (2015) Diversity in gender and visual representation: a commentary in the Journal of Gender studies. 24:4, 473-479 Routledge. Taylor & Francis Gill, R. (2009) Mediated intimacy and postfeminism: a discourse analytic examination of sex and relationships advice in a women’s magazine. Discourse & Communication. Vol 3 (4): 345-369 Sage Publications Gregg, M. (2011) The Break-Up: Hardtand Negri’s Politics of Love in Journal of Communication Inquiry. 35 (4) 395-402 Sage Publishing   Further references will be disseminated through @picbod and G+ community page