Relationships; Fixed and Fluid

We spoke today with laia Abril, primarily about 'The Epilogue' but also touched on other projects you can see on her website. The conversation centred around relationships - those we have with our subjects and collaborators, those between the individuals in our narratives, and a relationship with the reader. For now, the talk is not available online but will be in the not too distant future. In the meantime have a look at the task from this week...

22/01/2015: Relationships; fixed and fluid

Relationships are titled (Mother, Father, Niece, Friend, Lover, Hometown, Prey,) but these categories tell us so little about the intricacies and nuances of relationships we have and hold that are constantly in flux…

In this workshop task you are asked to represent a relationship through any appropriate visual or written medium. Focus not on the participants in the relationship but the space in-between which makes up the relationship - this may be a physical environment, it may be an emotional space or it may even be mediated through objects.

The likes of…

Viggo Mortensen Carrie Levy (51 Months) Joshua Lutz (Hesitating Beauty) Ron Jude (Lick Creek Line) Elinor Carucci Latoya Ruby Frazier

… may be of interest for various reasons

FEATURED IMAGE - Anastasia Shub

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