PicBod Schedule

PicBod explores a variety of methodological and technical ways of understanding and documenting the body. The learning is a mixture of lectures, seminars, short tasks and supporting skills sessions, which encourage you to question your approach to picturing the body. Students are required to respond to the weekly tasks and upload your responses to the google+ community. This will give an opportunity to experiment with different visual methods and inform and build on a visual research process.

Lecture Series:

23/02 - Nude and naked.

02/03 - Identity and Self Portraiture

09/03 - Relationships and Intimacies

16/03 - Framing Chiaroscuro 

23/03 - Visualising the Other


27/03 - Embodying the Other with Nicola Conibere and Caroline Molloy

Embodying the other is a collaborative workshop that will run with photography students and students from performing arts. Picking up on the previous lecture themes of visualising the other and working collaboratively across the 2 cohorts, the workshop will advance the argument around representational beyond our own community. Through discussion and workshop tasks the participants will be asked to experiment with and consider further ideas of authority and representation.

08/05 - Exploring embodiment with Sarah Jones and Matt Johnston

Guest Lecture:

30/03 - Lisa Gunn (11am)

Embodied cognition

Lisa Gunn has devoted her art to the study of physical metamorphosis. Her work is defined by an in depth exploration of her incomplete physicality, and her body’s ability to change, evolve and adapt in the most extreme circumstances.

In 1997, at the age of 21, Gunn suffered a life changing physical and emotional experience. She was involved in a road traffic accident that would leave her with painful, debilitating spinal injuries, and change her physicality forever. She did not realise at the time, being so young and vulnerable, that it was not just her body that would suffer from the incident… her social and cultural identity would never be the same again.

The tasks respond to and expand on themes in the lectures. We will consider the issues of representation. Photographing someone you know. Photographing a stranger. Photographing yourself.

The students at Coventry will also be undertaking skills session to support their learning. Examples of which can be seen on our community pages.

You are invited to attend our lectures online, share your responses to the tasks and comment on other members responses.

The student assessed submission is to create a body of work that responds to themes of Picturing the Body. This can be interpreted in the broadest sense. Entries are welcomed using a wide range of ideas/themes/genres/styles using different methodological approaches. The submission can either build on one of the weekly tasks or respond in a different way to Picturing the Body, but must be new to the creator.