Picbod is a free and open level 1 undergraduate class at Coventry University. The class explores the photographic encounter between a photographer and their subject, and the various aesthetic, technical, methodological and ethical issues this can involve. The production and consumption of images of the body for a range of genres, contexts and themes are considered, such as gender, science, identity, fashion, performance and anthropology. Through critical research and the development and creation of work in response to this theme it is intended that students will be to able articulate a critically informed position in relation to issues and questions of representational responsibility.

The lectures and sound files are available shortly after the delivery in class. We encourage participants outside of the academy to join the class and contribute to the weekly tasks via google+ and contribute to the open weekly feedback sessions. A selection of student works will be posted onto the website weekly, we encourage you to comment on and circulate the ideas and works discussed in these classes.

Lecture Series:
25/01 - Nude and naked.
01/02 - Identity and Self Portraiture
08/02 - Relationships and Intimacies
15/02 - Framing Chiaroscuro
22/02 - Visualising the Other


Skill Sessions:
01/02 - Camera-less Photography
08/02 - Cyanotype Printing
15/02 - Large Format Cameras
01/03 - Photobooks in collaboration with The Lanchester Library
08/03 - Book design and Sequencing with InDesign
15/03 - Book Binding 

Guest Lecture:

Amak Mahmoodian