Session 1: Nude and Naked

In Nude and Naked; Questioning Power and Challenging Representation we looked at moving from a historical consideration of the nude/naked binary in art and photography into a critical consideration of representation and power.


Key Themes and Ideas to think about:

Nude and naked

The role of the nude in art and culture

The male body and censorship

Power and representation


This week's task:

We have discussed nude and naked in the context of reclaiming

representation. We have looked at some classical photographers who

challenge notions of representation and contemporary photographers who

use the body to comment on the body as an object, representation and


Working in pairs your task is to make an image of your partner, that reveals

something about them. This brief can be interpreted as broadly as you like. It

could be anything from a favourite food, idiosyncratic habit, what they like to

do in their spare time. The challenge is to navigate a successful way of

representing this in the image.

Experimentation is encouraged. What medium are you going to use? Colour,

Black and White? What format are you going to use? What presentation may

support the portrait? Do you need to make more than one image? Whose

image is it? How did you negotiate the story with the participant? What are

you trying to reveal in the image?


All tasks need to be added to the Google+ collaborative open space by

Wednesday March 1st. The seminar session will be online peer to peer



You might want to look at:


Hannah Wilke

John Coplans

Jenny Saville